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UPDATE: DCRA has just signed a lease agreement with Edward Jones. A new agent to Clinton, Bryce Starkey, will open an office occupying half of the retail space facing the square! He will be the first occupant of the Magill House since the 1980's!!! Read more about the history of the Magill House below.

Praised as the “finest, largest, and most well-arranged hotel in downstate Illinois,” Chicago newspapers reported that the “three-story brick structure of forty-five rooms with a full basement covered half a city block.”  The elegant hand-carved stairway, the spacious lobby, dining room, billiard room, and the broad and commodious corridors were impressive amenities not found in many communities outside of larger metropolitan areas such as Chicago or St. Louis, and especially not in a small community in Central Illinois.

The year was 1872 and Magill house had become the cornerstone of commerce in Clinton, Il, for the next 100+ years. Today DCRA has a vision for this landmark to once again regain its glory. Over the last several years more than $250,000 has been donated and/or invested to maintain the integrity of the structure.

Magill House is the largest and most important project undertaken by DCRA to date. Follow the links to the right to learn more about the history of the building, the Magill family empire, and the impact of the Magill House on the local economy.



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